Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello you dooooin' (Joey's style)?? Well ,I have to tell you that I'm really sorry that I've been MIA for such a long time but blogging is mostly about being in a good mood. Last spring I wasn't really in a mood for blogging as I was having a really hard time, but thank god all these belong to the past and now I'm perfectly fine!!! After that, came my university exams and I had to study really hard ,so again...noooo time for blogging :/.As soon as my exams ended I went to my village for summer vacations and work...actually mostly work as my parents own a restaurant by the sea and I was working there as a waitress (that's actually what I do the last 7 summers :P) I had a great time there as always but the lack of internet connection didn't help much for blogging. Anyway, I'm back to my daily routine now and in a great mood to start blogging again!! yaaaaay!!!Here are some photos of my summer vacations with my besties...

see you soon...

That's my we look alike?

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