Saturday, September 29, 2012

Essence haul

Hello everyone! Hondos in Patra finally brought the brand essence (thank god). I'd read lots of blogpost about essence products and that they had a great quality while they were really affordable. As soon as I found out that I didn't have to travel to Athens to buy them, I went to Hondos to give them a look but what I saw was an almost empty stand :O ! I asked the assistand and she told me that that's what had been happening with essence products ever since they brought them.Well these are the products I bought from the almost empty stand and they costed less than 25 euro...

essence brow stylist set:it is really good actually and it stays on for a long time but i wouldn't recomend it for blond ones as it's pretty dark. Consider that i only use the light color and am not fair enough. (2,99 euro)

essence longlasting eye pencil: I bought the in "black fever" and in "hot chocolate". They both have great colors and they don't smudge easily (1,99 euro each)

essence maximum definition volume mascara: it does exactly wha it says.It gives volume,definition and no clumps.And not forget to mention that it's extra black! (about 3,5 euro I don't remember the exact price)

essence stay natural concealer: It does give a naural look while it covers really well. What i didn't like about this product was the packaging as when you roll the end, lots of product comes out and that's a waste :/ (2,59 euro)

essence bronzing compact powder: I bought it in love to be matt 02. I was searching for such a long time for an afordable bronzing product that didn't look orange and I've finally found it! (3,49 euro)

essence cherry blossom girl: I bought it in "04 It's peach not cherry" .Longlasting indeed and I really loved the color! 
essence nude glam:I bought it in "05 Cafe ole"
essence gel look topcoat: It claims that it gives a gel like finish to nails but I think that it works as a regular top coat.
(I paid about 7 euro for the three of them but I don't remember the exact prices :/)


  1. Love essence!!!Great products!
    prosfata agorasa mia maskara pou kanei tromero apotelesma!!!



  2. Με γεια σου!!!
    Τα μανό τέλεια φαίνονται.. :)

  3. I love essence too! Such a great quality for the price!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life