Thursday, March 1, 2012

2 new awards

Hey everyone.. a few weeks ago I received two new awards for my blog, but I didn't have time to blog about it. So the first one is the kreativ blogger award and I received it from Miss Starshiny

The Rules are:
1) Link back to the person who gave you this award
2)Complete the form below/answer the questions
3)Award 10 other bloggers and let them know
4)Share 7 random thoughts about yourself (I'm actually going to do this for the next award, as it says the same thing and it would be boring to do it twice)

1. Name your favourite song
Adele- One And Only (at the moment)
2. Name your favourite desert:
Chocolate (of course)
3. What ticks me off:
people who think they are always right
4. When I'm upset:
I become the most annoying person you'll ever meet
5. What's your favourite pet:
I don't actually have a pet
6. Black or white:
7. Biggest fear:
be alone
8. Everyday attidute:
normal...I guess
9. What is perfection:
10. Guilty pleaure:
junk food

Now it's time to award some of you:

The second one is the tell me about yourself award and I receiced it from Helena. So now I have to share 7 random things about myself...

1. I have a little sister, she is 14 and everybody says that we look alike
2. I don't like watching horror movies
3. I've never been on vacation in summer because I always work
4. I forget and lose stuff all the time
5. I don't like alcohol
6. I love buying presents to the ones I love
7. I have like 50 lipsticks or more and my friends make fun of me saying that I'm a lipstick addict

Now I sould give the award to 15 other bloggers but I think it's more like a tag and less like an award. That's why I think it's better to tag all of you !!! If you do this tag please let my know by posting a comment on my blog so I can visit yours and take a look at your answers :)


  1. Aww thank you for the award huniii! xx

  2. Thanks so much for the award! You're too sweet!

  3. Σ'ευχαριστω πολυ κουκλιτσα!!!!! Συγχαρητηρια κ για τα δυο βραβειακια:-)

  4. Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για το βραβείο!
    You just got tagged!

  5. Se eyxaristw poly poly gia to vraveio vicky!!! :****

  6. Congrats on your award! I invite you to my international jewellery giveaway.